Consumer credit redemption

Gather your consumer loans in one monthly payment.

What is the consolidation of consumer credit?

What is the consolidation of consumer credit?

The term consumer credit redemption refers to a combination of various credits and, by definition, involves the repurchase of two minimum consumer loans (A cash facility is considered a debt line).

The consumer credit consolidation operation also called consumer loan buyback without guarantee, addresses several issues related to budget management.

The interest rate applied is generally fixed. It is depreciable in nature with a start date and a loan end date. The maximum amortization period for a transaction in a consumer credit purchase transaction is 144 months or 12 years.

How does buying back consumer loans work?

How does buying back consumer loans work?


The lending money is a lever for the realization of new projects that ensures the smooth running of our consumer society on a daily basis.

But beware of those who are abused and irresponsible, the risk of personal bankruptcy is really likely! It is essential for a credit purchasing agency to draw up an in-depth study of the client file in order to precisely define whether the future debt ratio is sustainable in relation to its budgetary situation.

Advocating a monthly payment that is best suited to the subscriber’s ability to pay is essential to control the proper repayment of the balance due in full, without the risk of insolvency of the debtor. Indeed, in the absence of thoughtful analysis, the borrower runs the risk of seeing his debt ratio increase significantly at the least significant exceptional expense, and to bring his financial situation to the point of over-indebtedness.

The repurchase of consumer credit combines several consumption-related receivables into a single credit with a monthly payment adjusted to the repayment capacity of the borrower. It is ideal for rebalancing budget management when the end of the month is difficult to complete. Objective The objective of the credit restructuring is to improve the financial situation of a household and this by solving the financial difficulties related to the management of the bank account (debtor current account resulting in bank fees or tax deductions).

The consolidation of consumer credit is also the benefit of being able to obtain, in addition to the number of credits bought back, a cash envelope for Bunterr a new project without having to cumulate a new credit.

What can be grouped in this financial transaction?

What can be grouped in this financial transaction?



All types of loans not subscribed to a mortgage guarantee can be financed in a purchase of consumer credit, ie: personal loan and revolving credit (also known as money reserve), but also debts bailiffs’ debts, or unpaid bills and fines and tax arrears.

A real estate loan with prepayment indemnities included may be combined with the rest of the consumer credit, provided that the capital remaining due does not represent more than 60% of the amount.

We are talking about a real estate credit recovery. It is possible to keep credits, provided they are of real interest to the borrower.

Who is the consumer credit repurchase aimed at?

Anyone whose professional status produces a permanent income (that is to say, stable over time) can claim to have the option of obtaining a favorable opinion on his request for the repurchase of debts and loans.

The individual can be a tenant or an owner, it does not matter as long as the conditions necessary for the operation are met (amount and stability of income and at least two consumer loans to buyback).

Are also eligible for a buyback of personal loan people hosted free of charge or in a professional capacity.

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